adding ")" to filename with no ")"

how do i get ")" at the end of multiple files that dont have ")" but have "(" earlier in the filename?

for instance
02 N Trance - Set You Free (Voodoo And Serano Radio Edit.mp3


02 N Trance - Set You Free (Voodoo And Serano Radio Edit).mp3

Filter the files
%_filename% HAS "(" AND NOT %_filename% HAS ")"

and apply an action of the type "Format tag field"
for the field
and the fomat string

where in the menu is this 'Filter the files' and "format tag field"

sorry complete n00b :unsure:

But certainly not illiterate, right?
So go through the menus and probably somewhere there you will find something like "filter".
If you are not sure if that is the right thing, press F1 to get the online help.
And then come back and read the FAQs on how to create actions
Because if you do not understand and know the basic functions of this program any further explanation is absolutely pointless.