Adding to iTunes library : automatic changing FILENAME?

Good afternoon everyone,

I've recently moved all my mp3s to the iTunes library.

The thing is that by doing so, the field FILENAME is automatically changed from:

01. Song


01 01. Song

This may be due to the fact that for browsing reasons, I had found it so far easier to insert the song number before the TITLE within the FILENAME field.

Could I, by any chance, change all the filenames in my iTunes Library so that to keep the 01. song format (I'd like to keep the . if possible, but if iTunes just removes it, that's fine).

Thank you for your help that has been so far great.

Hey, my problem is solved.

I used scripts for iTunes for Windows.

Especially the StripTrackNumbers script, which works perfectly as long as you don't let iTunes keep the media folder organised.

It might be of help for some users.

Everything's explained here:

Just curious why do you not take advantage of the function of organising music files in iTunes. It ensures all the songs are in the correct place in relation to their tags. If you change an album name for example once you play the file it shifts it to the corresponding new named folder (which might save some confusion later on). Also why not search your music from iTunes? Its much much faster plus your not limited to just the song title.

Oh, two reasons for that:

  1. For some time I'd been browsing my library on my PS3, and it was much more convenient for me.

    But now that I'm using airplay (and streaming directly from iTunes), it may not be that useful
    anymore, you're right.

  2. I don't like the way iTunes reorganizes my tags without asking :-). I'm a control freak, what can I do? :slight_smile:


  1. Your files you mean? You tag the files in mp3tag. Drag them into iTunes. And same tags appear there. If you make any more changes to the file in mp3tag then you have to play the file in iTunes for them to update.

What do you mean 'reorganizes my tags without asking'? Personally I don't care what what the files look as long as iTunes reads the tags properly. iTunes is way more powerful internally by means of smart playlists and organising music than windows explorer will ever be.

If your worried about iTunes leaving behind empty folders see /t/13629/1

As I said earlier (and it is a well-known problem for iTunes users as seen on countless forums), iTunes automatically changes the FILENAME field as soon as you drag your files into iTunes.

Namely, it adds the TRACKNUMBER field and sticks it in front of FILENAME (leaves a space in-between though). Hence, it does change my tags without asking. <_<

As for the " Personally I don't care what what the files look as long as iTunes reads the tags properly", well...good for you!

Thanks anyway for trying to help. :music:

Are you sure that it does this when you have the "automatically organize files" UNCHECKED in itunes? Itunes hasn't changed the filenames on my mp3 files at all with this unchecked, and I have over 50,000 files in itunes database.

Another good thing to do when you tag your files the way you want them is to mark them all Read-only.

Yeah I'm sure, by default itwas unchecked. That's why it is weird.

Thank you, I'll try to keep that in mind.