Adding Track Number to Filename

Good Morning and HAPPY NEW YEAR...
I would like to add The tracking number to filename.
How can it be done???

I hope that you have filled the usual tags like artist and title.
Then, to rename files, use the converter "Tag - Filename" (menu convert) and enter a mask e.g. like this:

%track% - %artist% _ %title%
(this assumes that the tags for artist and title are not empty).
If you want to get leading zeros for the track number then use a mask like this:
$num(%track%,2) - %artist% _ %title%

Have a look at the preview function that gives you an impression of the converted filename.
Also please not the arrow button on the right in that dialog that opens a list of available tags to be added to the mask.
have fun.

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Hi, also just want to add number before the track having used this code with the tag to tag converter:
$num(%track%,2) %title%

And the preview shows the correct coding but after pressing ok nothing has been changed. What is wrong there?

The function Convert>Tag-Tag
modifies the contents of a tag field or another property like _FILENAME.
You would have to choose the correct converter - I would choose Convert>Tag-Filename is the best to rename files.

If you insist on Convert>Tag-Tag then you would have to use _FILENAME as field without the %. The syntax %track% for field is invalid.

Thanks, but Convert Tag--Filename does not work, because I want to keep the filename and the tagname. But before the filename should be a prefix with the track number like:
and NEW renamed as
01 track1
02 track2
03 track3

Thus I need the tag-tag function. But even replacing track and title with _filename in my code above does not bring the result. Could you give me the exact code for the first and the 2nd field for the tag-tag converter, please. Thanks.

If you insist on Convert>Tag-Tag then still use as
field: _FILENAME
Format string: $num(%track%,2) %_filename%

Perfect. Now it works. Thanks!