Adding track number to TITLE

A variation on the same question:
I want the base of the title to be "Devil's Chessboard" followed by the track number.
Devil's Chessboard 1, Devil's Chessboard 2 etc.

I selected all files in the directory, and put Devil's Chessboard %track% in the Title box on the left-hand side of the window, and clicked on the Save button.

I get Devil's Chessboard %track% for all files. Ooops. What am I missing?

The filename is not the title.
The tag panel allows only string constants and no variables - every input is taken literally.
If you want to rename the file based on tag data, use

Format string: %title% $num(%track%,2)

The Title right now is Devil's Chessboard %track%
The filename is Devils_1_01.mp3.

I want the title to be the literal "Devil's Chessboard" plus the track number, ie Devil's Chessboard 1
The string you gave me would produce Devil's Chessboard %track% 01
(the "%track%" is now a literal in every title)
All the titles are the same, right now

Yes. Probably because you saved the data accordingly in TITLE.
MP3tag takes the user data seriously and does not leave anything out unless the user tells it so.
So, select all the files that have the added "%track%" at the end, remove the superfluous letters and press Ctrl-S to save the modification.
Then try the converter again.

I know how to remove the superfluous letters.
What I don't know how to do is have the track number show up , instead of the "%track%" literal

What do I enter in the Title field in the tag panel to get Devil's chessboard 01, Devil's Chessboard 02 etc as the titles?

Oh, sorry, I did not get that you wanted to really manipulate the field TITLE

For that, try Convert>Tag-Tag for TITLE
Format string: %title% $num(%track%,2)

Turns out it didn't like the apostrophe.
Once I got rid of that, it worked.


Could you show us what you entered as format string?
Because I did not have any problems:

If you enter a format string with an apostrophe then you have to escape it:

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