adding track numbers into name field

itunes & ipod seems to put the "name" as it's main screen information.

i need to be able to mass-edit the name field to include the track number, then the name

eg "02 push - universal nation"

rather than just "push - universal nation" the 02 in here is contained within the filename, but not the name.

is there any way to mass-add the track number, into the name field?

otherwise i've gotta manually add the track number into thousands of files

What do you mean exactly with 'name'-field? The title of a song? The filename?

If the tracknumber is part of the filename and you want to have the title includes the entire filename, you can just use the Converter (ALT-2) "Filename to Tag".

Use a formatstring like this:

(If you would like to fill the single tags with the appropriate values, you would choose for your example
02 push - universal nation
%track% %artist% - %title%)

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basically the ipod seems to display "name" as it's main info. not the actual filename, but the "name" id3 tag.

so if the "name" tag doesn't display the 02 part of "02 artist - title.mp3", i need to copy the 02, into tjhe "name" tag.

i just tried selecting 20 files in al album and calling them %track% %title% and it renamed all 20 files with actually %track% %title% as the name. (!!!!!!)

the alt-2 seems to have the [OK] box greyed out

tools - auto number wizard didnt change the "name " tag

may have answered my own q...

the "name" didnt have the track number, but the track number does!

am going to check if the ipod displays track number when it's playing....

the aim of this is so i dont have to re check if i'm on shuffle or not, because shuffle in mix album=bad, but shuffle playing individual songs=good

if i can see at a glance the tracks are in the right order when im playing, then i'm good :slight_smile:

ps. i got my ipod 2 weeks ago :wink:

ok tack number does not seem to show on the ipod screen, the only fields showing are name (not filename) an artist. so im going to have to be able to insert the track number into the "name" field

when i manually type %track% into the title field, it inserts the string %title% into the it

is there a differnet button i need to press rather than the save button to m ake it the actual track number?

also is there a way to do this in mass - to insert %track% into file i've shift-selected with the mouse, and have %track% come up as the actual number rather than " %track% " ?

tanx !

Just create a new action:

Action type: Format value
Field: TITLE
Formatstring: %track% - %title%

Sorry, but I can't follow. There is no tag called NAME in the id3tag-specification.

On the left side of Mp3tag you can see the most used available id3-tags. (If you don't see this values, press CTRL+Q).

Which of this fields should contain your tracknumber and title?
or something else, visible on the extended tag view with ALT+T?

bloody hell i keep getting logged out of the board. is there a prob with it?

anyway cheers for replies. i think itunes seems call "title" part of the tag "name"

ohh i've got ya.

just got the hang of the clicks for ther actions. i think this is good :slight_smile:

is there a list of all the different %'s?

just tried %filename% in an action, didn't work

ps, i think there's a problem with the login of the board!

The current Development Build includes a small button that will show a menu of all available placeholders.

It's %filename%. All technical fields start with % whereas tag fields don't have the underscore.

It's working fine here. Maybe your browser is not allowed to store a Cookie?