Adding track numbers to a long list of tagged albums that have only zero

Any way to do this without hosing something?
I had to undo a couple of times after making an idiot out of my experiments, lol.

There is the track numbering assistant (Strg-K)
It also allows to set discnumbers.
If you want to get several sets of ascending numbers, then make sure that the files of each album are in separate folders but that all files from an album form one block of files.
The track numbering assistant detects when the folder changes and resets the counter for the new folder.

Ok I am in the folder where one album has no track numbers in the tags but they are in the titles, how do I use the STRG-K? :stuck_out_tongue:

Titles = tag field TITLE or
Titles = filename?

It should be possible to sort by the column with the filename. And that should lead to the right order.
Then you select all files and press Ctrl-K to open the numbering assistant.
If sorting is not possible, then I need a real life "Title" as we could probably harvest that then.

Worked, damn I owe you a beer, or a whiskey, or a frappachino. :slight_smile:

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