adding tracks to playlist



Firstly thanks for this great software, I have so far found it easy to use and definitely superior to any other tagging programs I've encountered.

I find Mp3tag excellent for creating playlists for my iRiver H320 - but this is where I've encountered a slight problem. I have no difficulty creating playlists by selecting tracks from my directory and saving them as an .m3u file. I do this on my laptop and can transfer it easily onto the iRiver. That part works a dream! But my question is: once I've saved a playlist (e.g. 80's music.m3u), can I add more tracks to it at a later stage? I've found that each time I want to do this, I have to reselect previously saved tracks again from scratch, otherwise they are erased from the saved playlist.

Is there a simple solution to this problem?




you can load the previously saved playlist using the menu item File, Load Playlist/Cuesheet... and add other directories using the menu item File, Add directory....

Best regards,
~ Florian


OK. so I'll save the tracks I want to add in a separate directory first (as all my directories are albums and I usually want to add few select tracks only) - that should work.

Cool, thanks for your help!