Adding User-Defined Genres

I have switched to mp3Tag to give me a more powerful tag editiong tool - seems good so far.
My library is large and it contains many genres.
I see I can add my genres by hand to new user-defined genres.
However if would save a lot of time if either:
a. Mp3Tag could add existing tags in my library to the list of user-defined tags.
b. I could import a text file of my tags to the user-defined genres.

Is there a way to save a lot of time entering new genres by hand by importing a list or asking mp3tag to add tags already in the library
I am a Newbie so forgive me if I should have found he Answer

No, there is nothing like that.
All manual.

Pity - here goes by hand
But thanks for a quisk and clear reply


I am using the portable version of MP3Tag and the profile folder is in portableapps\Mp3tag\data\ and in the FAQ it says the Custom genres, are stored in genres.ini.with the format (for example) Christmas=.

Would adding other genres directly into the ini file with the required format get added to the program's User-defined Genres?

Doing it that way would save a lot of time and easier as the new genres can be stored in a text file and then just copied over to the ini file?

Than you for your kind help and assistance.

In general you add user-defined genres via Tools>Options>Genres.
With that function it is guaranteed that the genres are saved in the correct format.

Thank you ohrenkino.

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