Addition of new Metadata Placeholder

In creating an RTF export script, I had wished to display the track Rhythm. There was no Metadata placeholder such as %rhythm%. Can one be added?

If the rhythm placeholder is called something else please advise,

Jerry B

There is a property called BPM - if you mean that. It shows the beats per minute.
Anyway: for ID3V2.3 tags you can add any user-definded field that you like (provided you have already filled it).
The export scripts are plain text scripts and can be adapted by you for your individual needs.


Thanks for responding so quickly.

What I am talking about is the Tag Panel field called Rhythm. I cannot export that field.

Jerry B

To find the variable name, right-click on the tag panel to see the list of tag fields, select "Adapt ..." and navigate to the field's properties. Click on "Edit" to see the field name.

Hi ohrenkino.
I am using MPEG v3.07. I do not have any field called RHYTHM. Below is the script I am using for Export:

**$filename(rtf,ansi){\rtf1\ansi\ansicpg1252\deff0\deflang1033{\fonttbl{\f0\fswiss\fprq2\fcharset0 Tahoma;}}
\viewkind4\uc1\pard\b\f0\fs32 Mp3tag File Overview\par
\b0\fs20 %_date%\par

Title: \b %title%\b0\par
SubTitle: \b %subtitle%\b0\par
Artist: \b %artist%\b0\par
Album: \b %album%\b0\par
Track: \b %track%\b0\par
Genre: \b %genre%\b0\par
Rhythm: \b %rhythm%\b0\par
Comment: \b %comment%\b0\par
Composer: \b %composer%\b0\par
Conductor: \b %conductor%\b0\par
Length: \b %_length%\b0\par
build on %_date%, with \b %_app% - the universal Tag Editor\b0 -\par

In the script, the italicized bold Rhythm is what I am trying to export. I already have it on the Tag Panel.
I am asking if it is possible to add Rhythm to the list of placeholders in the lists:
(Format Strings and Available Placeholders)

Jerry B

I don't really understand as you say:

So: is your question which tag field you fill if you fill-in data in the tag panel?
To find that out, I already described a way in my previous post.
Perhaps as an addition: you could also check Tools>Options>Tag Panel and see the definition of the element in the tag panel that apparently fills "Rhythm".
Once you found out where the data is stored, use that field variable name in your export script.
So: what does the tag panel element definition show for "Field"?
The list of tag fields that you linked is for the Mac version - ist this the reference that you were looking for?
A list of tag fields for the Windows version can be found in the help:

Thanks for your responses. But, we still are not on the same 'page'.

MP3Tag has placeholders of the form %--some field --% and I was asking about a placeholder %rhythm% or the equivalent. Doing more research, I examined the audio file contents. I found the ID3V2 field MP3Tag uses for this parameter is TIT1, where I found the text I entered in the rhythm field of MP3Tag. Therefore, I am assuming that MP3Tag has a placeholder for that ID3v2 tag.

Jerry B

See the help page
TIT1 maps to CONTENTGROUP in MP3tag.
If you already have files with that data, check the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) to see the field name.

Thanks. I changed &rhythm% to %contentgroup% and it works like a charm. Thanks a lot.

I have been using MP3Tag for a few years and I am still learning.

Jerry B

Did you manually change the name of this yourself to Rhythm at some point? This is not something mp3tag would have done by default. But good that you have it figured out in your case now.

Hi MotleyG]

It has been a long time since I created a customized Tag Panel. I don't really remember if I changed the name (contentgroup?) to Rhythm. If I did change it at some time I caused my own problem.

If I did change ContentGroup to Rhythm, it makes sense to me. I edit a lot of Latin tracks so I use Rhythm as Latin music has Tango, Rhumba, Salsa, Cumbia, etc..

Jerry B

See the list of pre-defined genres: List of ID3v1 Genres - Wikipedia
Tango, Salsa, Samba are already in that list and most players with ID3V2 support also support user-defined genres. So instead of using the rather exotic field CONTENTGROUP I see GENRE as a worthwhile alternative


I already use that list. However, I may have one set of tracks where the Genre is Orchestral, or Instrumental, and I use Contentgroup (what I call Rhythm) for Cumbia, Salsa, etc.. Not all Latin rhythm is in the standard List. Also, for Genre I may have Instrumental tracks but the Genre is designated as Charango, Pan Flute, etc.. Also with different rhythm types. Tagging Latin Music gets interesting and one has to be a little innovative.

Jerry B