Additional column for Amazon cover search result


For most of my samplers I try to get the single covers so i changed a few things from to and from album as search string to title.

When I look for 4 Just 1 Day from Kai Tracid I get 4 very similiar results in the search query box with infos about
artist, publisher , release , album

While I am looking for covers it would be interesting to see which of the four offers a cover.

In this case it is the third. I assume that amazon uses the same picture for "no picture availabe" so there should be a chance to get an additional column with "picture available" or an "icon".
Because I prefer quadratic covers I would like to see if it is quadratical and the resolution.
If you have a cover with 299x300 you'll get an info like "is not quadratic". Than both infos (audratical & resolution) are useful. I would prefer a 399x400 over an 435 x 600 cover.

I checked the amazon "picture not available" filename and it is the same

What must be done to get these additional columns "square cover" & "cover resolution"?



I have added an updated .de script to the web sources archive.
It list only albums with covers, shows the dimension and the album format.
Please test it.


Hey Dano,
first of all thanks for the fast solutoin. I played with it and unfortunatelly got no hit for the tracks I wanted to tagg with a cover.
I changed the search criteria from album to title.

I found an example where the resolution wasn't shown but there was a real cover available (I checked the previwe). The example is "Sweet Thing" from Mick Jagger.

Peter Mintun and than The Ohio Players didn't show a resolution but they have covers.

Maybe in one or two hours I will post my experience.


If there is no resolution shown, it means it has a very small cover (maybe 130x130). I just have not implemented it for smaller covers.
Do you need it?