Additional information question

Hello people! New user here.

There's a similar topic about this, but that's intended for musicbrainz websource, and my question is more intended for a global solution or, in case it doesn't exist, for itunes websource script.

Here's the thing: after i select any tag source, i see an additional information panel that gets filled with a lot of unwanted info, like "publisher", "albumsort", etc. Also in the tracks panel, sometimes it gets filled with things like "titlesort" and "itunescatalogid", also unwanted. After i select OK, it writes in the files this unwanted information as "extended tags" and i have to delete all this afterwards since i don't want that extra info, i like just the classic tags.

Is there any global option in the program to disable capturing all the extra info? Or does this depend on every websource script?

In general i use the itunes script. Should i somehow modify it to prevent it from taking that info? How?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, the amount of information depends on the web sources script. Most people want to get a smuch information as possible from the web sources.
You can edit the script as it is plain text.
If you feel not at home with it, you can create an action of the type "Remove fields except" (Remove Fields Except – Mp3tag Documentation ) where you can enter the names of the fields you want to keep. Like that you get only the classic ones.

Thanks! This has really been very helpful for me, and it works as a global solution for all websources.
I want to learn how to edit the scripts though.
I'm still doing my first steps in this thing of editing scripts, so i don't know what to modify in the .src.
Maybe some lines at the end of the script would do the job. I tried for example to add this at the bottom of the itunes script but it didn't work:

set "artistsort"