Additional option for playlist

I am using a file explorer (Directory Opus) and MediaPlayer as jukebox, and have begun using MP3TAG to make m3u playlists.
Sometimes I want to make a local playlist, and other times a global playlist in a predefined playlist folder and therefore have to go into the options and make changes.
So please add the possibility to have menu/icon selections to save the playlist locally or to a path specified in the options.

You can enable the confirm filename dialog for picking the desired location when creating playlists.

That's not what I am looking for.
It's the 'relative path' option inside the playlist that I have to check and uncheck depending on where I want the playlist to be located.
Checked: The playlist is placed in the same folder and everything can be moved around.
Unchecked: The playlist is placed in a playlist folder and must use absolute path for the music files.