Additional research results for various MP4 & windows file explorer topics

If you fill all available metadata tags in windows 10 file explorer for a MP4 movie file, it looks like this:

Some of the fields - like Copyright - can't be set in windows 10 file explorer.
See also here.

If you look at this metadata in Mp3tag (ALT + T / View -> Extended Tags) you can see only 11 tags:

I have not found a solution, how I could manage the other mp4-tags in Mp3tag.
If anyone else has an idea, please let me know.

There is a software called MetaX who let you manage some additional mp4-tags:

Unfortunately, the striked through tags in red colour are not visible in the windows 10 file explorer.

This research was done in addition to


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You are correct that File Explorer tags/metadata doesn't show up in extended tags within Mp3tag. The copyright field in Mp3tag doesn't seem to correspond with the copyright field in File Explorer. This is kind of an annoying issue which should be relatively straightforward (but for some reason isn't).

MetaX looks like one possible solution, however that solution is gonna cost you a little bit of cash (also somewhat annoying).

There MUST be a workaround for this issue, or another piece of software that can deal with File Explorer copyright metadata.

If you open a Mp4 in MetaX and write some Copyright informations, it looks like this in windows 10 file explorer properties:

Important: You CAN NOT modify this COPYRIGHT tag in windows 10 file explorer.

Confusingly, Mp3tag can read this copyright tag and show it like this:
revealing, that MetaX seems to write 2 additional ITUNES tags secretly. This seems to be caused when you choose "Movie" after opening a Mp4 file in MetaX. Even if you choose "none", you get ITUNESHDVIDEO with value 0 as additional tag.

If you try to modify this COPYRIGHT tag in Mp3tag, you can see it in Mp3tag only, but not in windows 10 file explorer!
On the other hand, MetaX can read this changed value:

In my test, just pressing "Write Queue" in MetaX was not enough to save the changed value back in the Mp4. I had to change at least one character to force MetaX to write it back - and make it visible in windows 10 file explorer:

That's all very inconsistent and confusing.

Maybe @phw can have a look at such a file, knowing now that Exiftool shows a COPYRIGHT tag originally written with MetaX (and visible in windows 10 file explorer) like this:
ExifTool -g7 option:

A hex dump shows:

I have found an interesting table of Mp4 windows metadata tags in the Exiftool forum, collected from user "StarGeek":

Starting with:


This seems not to be true in every case - at least using MetaX - because MetaX writes a "MOV-Movie-UserData-Meta-ItemList" tag with the COPYRIGHT tag.

The only difference I can find between MetaX and Exiftool writing the copyright metadata, seems to be that MetaX writes additional Media/Meta-Handler:

---- MOV-Movie-Track-Media-Handler ----
Handler Type                    : Text


---- MOV-Movie-UserData-Meta-Handler ----
Handler Type                    : Metadata

Unfortunately, Exiftool can not write this HandlerType metadata information according to:

At this point, I don't know a practical way to modify this Copyright metadata within Mp3tag or ExifTool or Windows 10 file explorer.