Adjust columns in mp3tag


I would like to adjust automatically or manually the columns in mp3tag but I can't find .....

Is it possible?


Do you want to adjust the width of the column to the longest entry?

You could doublecklick on the small space (divider) between the columns you want do adjust.
But there is AFAIK no automatic adjustment.

The yellow circle shows a mouse doubleclick:

See e.g. here:

and see the documentation:

Ctrl+Num++ Automatically size the File List columns to match the content

Feature request:
Based on some of the previous history on this topic, there has been some concern about how drastically wide this can make some columns (i.e. LYRICS), and conversely that some columns can become hidden if there is no content in the currently displayed list.

Ctrl+Num+- Set all File List columns to a default width*
*(either the original width settings from a fresh mp3tag install, or ideally some format that a user can save, so that this view can be recalled after using the Auto-size shortcut. Or return to the widths prior to using the Auto-size shortcut.)

[This was originally suggested back in Oct '17 but may have been lost in that thread with some other posts that diluted the content]

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  • Tks, but I wanted to adjust all the columns at once;)

Tks MotleyG

I have a French keyboard, I can't find a Num key, only a key to block the numeric keyboard called "VERR NUM" and when I try with this key, nothing changes

Unfortunately not all keys are available on some keyboards. Perhaps you can find a way to program a shortcut for this. There are just too many functions to map them all.

I'll look into it, thanks to both of you :wink:

This means that you press the plus-key on the numeric pad - as opposed to just the ordinary plus.
To get the plus to work, it may be necessary to set the num-lock key on the keyboard.

it works just by doing Ctrl + "+" on the numeric keypad, thanks a lot :wink:

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