Adjust tag information Grids


I've used the "Adjust tag information" Windows after searching tags from the web and i think it would
be really usefull to synchronise the two grids in this window.
In that case, when we use the side bar to move in one grid then the two grids would scroll at the
same time.
Like this, the corresponding lines of the two grids would always be on the same level. It would be very
usefull to check the before/after changes.
Would it be possible for the corresponding lines of the two grids to be highlined at the same time ?

Excuse me for my English, i hope i'm sufficiently understandable.

Thank you for reading this.

One of the problems is:
You do not always get the correct suggestions for the number of selected files that you treat with a web source.
You could have selected MORE files than the web source finds.
You could have selected LESS files that the web source finds.

So when do you start scrolling which list?

I thought they should always scroll at the same time because we have the opportunity to move up and down (with the buttons) the files in the second list to make them correspond the good line in the first grid.

Making those scroll at the same we're able to verify if each line correspond with the one with the same index in each grids without having to scroll one and then the second to be sure to look at the corresponding line.

Or maybe i don't use this fonctionality right ?