Adjust Tag Information v 2.41



I was wondering if anyone could tell me an easy way of associating track ID's with the list of actual tracks that you have in your folder.

The problem arises when you have say a 3 cd album which is seperated out into 3 folders.

When you look up your tracks on a database such as amazon, you often get the whole 3 cd track listing in one go so you have to resort to moving up and down to suit. This is very time consuming by clicking on one and clicking either the up or down button on each one you want to move.

This can be 24 tracks on a Various Artists album. My fingers gone to sleep clicking that many times! lol

Is there an easier and simpler way?

Mant thanks.


You can try "Utils > Suggest Sorting"
Or load all 3 folders in the program.
Freedb and musicbrainz return each disc as seperate album.


Loading all 3 directories worked a treat.

Thank you for your help!