Adjust Tag Information window only transfers track #1 to the Tag Pane

I'm trying to clean up the tags in my collection in preparation for a creative project and attempting to use Tag Sources to fill in missing info, but I'm having an issue...

  1. I pick the track I want.
  2. I choose Tag Sources (it doesn't matter if I choose Discogs or MusicBrainz
  3. I fill in the fields and click Okay.
  4. It presents me with album search results.
  5. I pick the one I want and click Next
  6. The Adjust Tag Information window opens
  7. I find and click the track I'm looking for in the Tracks pane.
  8. It displays the correct info the Metadata Track pane and I click Okay
  9. Now here's the problem: it ALWAYS copies the info for the FIRST track on the album into the Tag Pane no matter what I chose in the Tag Adjustment window and I'm forced to correct it all manually.

Is this just the way it works, or am I doing something wrong?

You have to align the file (on the right) with the title (on the left).
Click on the up/down buttons

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In addition to @ohrenkino's advice:

Please remember that the most Tag Sources have been made to match an entire album. Even if it works for a single track too, the most efficient workflow is to use it with an entire album matching all the tracks at once.