Adjust Tag Information Window - Tracks

So I was bumbling around with this program without knowing what I was doing and mistagged about 200 songs by matching the song files to the wrong counterparts on the sources. Found out once I realized none of the titles matched the actual songs.

Slowly trying to fix it, but I was wondering if there was a way to display numbered positions of the row I am on on both sides of the "Adjust tag information" screen. Similar to the track number, but having nothing to do with the songs, just the position in the program.

I've been doing mental gymnastics with the alt+up/down function for the past few hours, since I have to figure out what the actual song the file contains, then place it in the general area it's supposed to be in since it keeps changing. (Changing as in if I find out a song is track #12, I place it on the 12th row, but then a song above it is #13, so when I pass by it with alt+down, what used to be row #12 is now #11). Idk if I'm explaining it clearly, it's 5am :\

The numbers have nothing to do with the song, just the position in a table, like an Excel sheet. Is this possible??

There is no function for it.
See e.g. /t/12662/1

Alright. I saw that post while searching for a solution but it was from 2011 and I hoped something changed :frowning: