adjusting case conversions in the extended tags window

When I add my own meta data filed in the extended tags window, ie I want a place to type in original release date, I notice it put it all in caps, is there a way to get it in just mixed letters?

ie; in windows explore, all the fields have different styles, some all caps, others all lower caps.

album artist

how do I get everything to be in mixed letters? like the Album, Year & Artist fields, not all caps or lower caps?

I would like everything in the extended tags window to have one style of lettering; in this case, mixed caps & lower caps.

It'll always displayed in upper case in the extended tag dialog. But if you like to have the field names stored as mixed case in the tags, you can use an action Case Conversion for _FIELDNAME to change them.

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Hi Florian,
the documentation says under topic "Placeholders for export configurations":
%fieldname% Fieldname

What meaning has "_FIELDNAME"?

Please give an example how these meta data variables can be used.



It's one of the available fields (besides _ALL, _FILENAME, ...) for the action Case Conversion and applies the case conversion settings to the field names of the files (which of course makes only sense with APEv2 or VorbisComments).

Thank you, Florian, well formulated, can be copied to the manual just now.

Whats about "%fieldname%" under manual topic "Placeholders for export configurations"?
I do not understand how to use it the right way.


What I'm trying to say there is that despite the fact that only common fields are listed at this help page (e.g., %artist%, %album%, etc.) all possible fieldnames can be used in placeholders and be expanded to the field's content.

Ok, I understand it.


I have tried this command, but as I showed in my other post

before editing;

Album: The Body Acoustic

I use the action command case conversion_FIELDNAME,

I then get;
Album: The Body Acoustic
Catalog Number: Cdxy2 showing in windows

it not only changes the case for the field name, but also for the info after it, of which I don't want. I wanted it to change to this;

Catalog Number: CDXY2

You probably have another action that changes the field content.

I dont think I am using any other action but the one you suggested. Is it doing something that I dont know about? does my mp3tag version interpret case conversion fieldname to also include the field content? right I have just updated to 2.46. How do I avoid changing field content when doing a case change for fieldname?

Just make sure that one one action group is enabled and only this one action is contained in the action group.

In case the problem persists, it would be good if you can sent me your configuration files (see File > Save configuration) and the corresponding file.

Note that I have found the "Case Conversion" didn't provide an option for me to change the atom name to mixed case the way I wanted it... For example, setting ITUNEXTC atom to iTunEXTC (Please correct me if I missed it).

Maybe in addition to the existing options present (upper, lower, mixed, sentence), a new "as typed" would be useful?

In the end, I managed to do what I was trying to do, by using the "Replace with regular expression" method, with the following options:
Regular Expression: ITUNEXTC
Replace with: iTunEXTC

(Note that for some reason, the non-Regular expression version didn't work for me???)