Adjusting exported csv

I use MP3Tag v3.02 on Windows10.
I love the program, however, I have one query to make it to work perfectly for me.

Is it possible to adjust how exactly the csv is exported?
Two points:

  • I would like the columns to be separated by commas instead of semicolons
  • I would like a first column containing a number, increasing by 1, of which I can set the starting value.

Is there a way I can do this, especially point two, otherwise I get an error when trying to import the csv into my MySQL database.

Any help will be very much appreciated.

The export scripts are plain text files that you can edit any way you like to meet your requirements.

To add a sequential number:
there is the pseudo-variable %_counter% which always starts at 1.
But with a function like
you would start at 20.
Add this function to your export script.
If you need more information about exports, see the help
and on scripting:

I'll give that a try, thank you ever so much.
And now it works perfectly.
The only thing I have not found is how to replace the semicolons by commas, but that is simple enough in Notepad.

Once again, thank you so much, I am TRULY grateful.

Please check to see if there are any commas in the data before you convert semi-colons to commas. As you say, simple enough in Notepad, and it will help prevent errors in importing the csv.

The scripting functions allow to replace the comma on a per field basis.
It is not necessary to use external programs.
It may be worthwhile to consider the tab character as separator ($char(9)).
Also, it should be possible to enclose all data fields in " to treat them as text data.

Thank you both. :grinning:

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