Adobe Audition - tag info differences

I've been playing around with Adobe's Audition 3 and found that by converting files to "MPEG Layer-3 Pro, VBR(100), ~117 Kbps (Stero); 44100 Hz, 16-bit, Stereo" (that's a direct quote from the file info provided by Audition on a converted file) I can reduce the size of mp3 files by one third without loosing any sound quality.

When the same file is brouight up in Mp3tag the file info is different -

Codec - MPEG 2 Layer III
Bitrate - 144 kBt/s
Frequency - 22050

This is also the info provided in iTunes.

It does not affect the other information.


MP3 Pro audio information is not (accurately) supported by Mp3tag and not planned.