Advanced move and rename?


I really like mp3tag as a masstagger. It's simply the best. However, what I also would like to do is move files in a systematic way based on their tags. Let's say I have mp3 titled "Money" by artist "Pink Floyd" from the album "Dark Side of the Moon", and the track number is "5". What I would like to do is not only move the file to another directory, but move it to a directory named "Pink Floyd" which has a subdirectory based on the album tag, namely "Dark Side of the Moon". Finally I would like the tile renamed to something like "5. Money.mp3". This way I could use mp3tag to maintains a library and not have all my mp3's in one directory.

I am quite sure this is not currently possible in mp3tag, but I hope I am wrong! :slight_smile:


Well, you could use the :mt_ttf: Tag-Filename conversion for that and then delete the remaining empty directories.

I'm not sure I understand. Sorry. Are you saying that mp3tag can make directories using the Tag-Filename conversion, or? I now have all my mp3's in one directory. What I want is to have them sorted in a file tree with an Artist folder on top, then an album folder, and finally the songs. Is that possible without manually creating all the directories (which would take days with a lot of mp3 albums).


Of course it is, use something like %artist%\%album%$num(%track%,2) %title% or whatever fits your needs.