advanced scripting and export functions


ok here goes.I have 2 computers with itunes on both.
I have an Ipod that I only sync with one of them but I often move musec between th pcs.
one is my work pc.

whe I rate my music at work I would like to move those rating back to home.

I currenly have a java script that takes my itunes ratings and copys the rating value/20 (rating is a value 0 - 100 but you only get 5 stars) into the bpm tag of my mp3s. sothey stay rated. but what I wan to do is not copy the mp3s backand forthe but simply update the the rating on the home pc.

here is my idea.

open mp3 tag on my work pc and filter on bpm to get a list of rated files

write an export configurtation that ceates a javascript that goes in the itunes library and looks for the proper song by tags and rates it to the value of the bpm *20

the tag on both cumputers are the same for all songs buthe file locations are not.
if they were I wold do something with play lists.

other suggestions apprcieated.