Advanced searches and copying files to a handheld

MP3tag has become my software of choice for managing my digitized CD collection. I have ripped my CD's into a directory structure Genre->Artist->CD Title->tracks.mp3 With each track having the information in the tags filled in.

  1. I would like to be able to do somewhat complex searches (like all tracks by Artist X between the years xxxx and yyyy where the Composer is Z and Lyricist is A or B). This could be done through boolean searches and using drop-down boxes. Then I can create a playlist if such a filtered list is there in the right pane ...

Maybe some such filter option already exists. How can I create such searches and filters?

  1. I also have a PalmOne Treo 650 which I use to play MP3's. The SD card in the Treo can be accessed using a card reader (mapped to a drive in Win XP). It would be nice if MP3tag would have a way to copy the MP3 files (and the corresponding playlist) to a desitnation directory.

Then I can combine my search functions to generate .m3u files and listen to my tracks on the PC or copy the mp3 files and the m3u file to the mobile handheld device.

Any tips on how to do these actions?


  1. There's a filter [F3] (based on regular expressions) but it only filters by one field.

  2. Audio files can be copied with drag&drop

For advanced filtering, you need another program. (I use foobar2000 that has some nice plugins for this purpose.)

Which plugin do you use in foobar2000 for advanced filtering?

Does foobar2000 allow copying the filtered results to a directory (for transferring to a handheld)?

I think better filtering would be a good addition to mp3tag.


You can either use the extended playlist generator or playlist tree (more complex & powerful)

You can also copy the files with drag&drop (right click) or with the masstagger plugin.
Playlist tree also has an option to specify a path where you can send files to from the context menu.

In case Florian wants to add features, in addition to advanced filters, an option create a random selection (of total of xx megabytes) will also be nice. Then, with the help of drag-n-drop, I'll be able to load up my handhelds with random songs.
It will be like having an iPOD Shuffle without actually having one.

You can randomize files in the list by "sorting" it by the very first column (it contains icons) and then select first "total" files.


Cool! This program is the BEST!

Is this documented anywhere? I thought I looked everywhere ...