Advice on re-tagging re-ripped tracks?

I'm contemplating (dreading) re-ripping my CD collection into a lossless format - so I never have to do it again.
I've already spent a lot of time making sure the tags in the current version of my library (all mp3) are right and consistent with my own "style" - which means if I use freedb (or suchlike) I'll have to do that all over again.
So I'd rather automate things - at least as far as possible.
Here's that I think I should do.

  1. export tags for all files to text files, using the one file per directory option
  2. re-rip CDs, naming tracks simply %artist% - %album% - %track%.flac
  • the only reason I'm bothering with other than %track% for a name is so I can use EAC's ability to queue encoding
  1. files for each CD go into a separate directory, named %artist% - %album% (matches my current directory naming, but will be in a different tree)
  2. I copy (probably with batch file) the exported-tags-text-files to their appropriate "new" directory
  3. I use MP3Tag's "tags from text file) to set tags in new files

So... is there some pitfall here I'm not seeing? A better way to do this? I love MP3Tag, but is there a more appropriate tool? I'm starting to learn foobar2000 - is there something in there (or in a plugin) that I'd ought to be using?


Give ID3-TagIT a go. It can copy and paste tags from multiple files in one operation. You would still have to do one album at a time though so its not really automated. Just make sure you have the tracks in the right order when you paste. :slight_smile:

You can copy and paste tags from the old files to the new files with Mp3tag too. Just use [Ctrl+C] and [Ctrl+V].

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So all I really need to do is make sure that the newly ripped tracks are in the same order - which is easy enough.

Oops sorry Florian, I didn't realise mp3tag could do that. When I first tried to do it with mp3tag I'm sure I couldn't. Next time I'll check before recommending an inferior tagging program!

Yeah, that works for all normal tags (standard & personal) but

not for the PICTURE/cover tag or did I something wrong?


QUOTE(Wolfgang B @ Nov 16 2006, 23:02) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

Yeah, that works for all normal tags (standard & personal) but

not for the PICTURE/cover tag or did I something wrong?
No, you're right. I'll look into this...

I thought this was part of the removal of covers from the undo-feature or did it go too far?