Aero Snap doesn't work in Mp3tag window

It's bugged me for a while I think I should report this.

I'm not good at explaning so I'll just quote, what is Aero Snap:
"To make it work, just click the title bar of a window and drag the window a-a-all the way to the left side of the screen. Windows 7 docks the window to the left side of the screen and shrinks it to half size. "

I know this feature works in ALL windows except Mp3tag.

In mp3tag, Aero Snap only works when I use the keyboard shortcuts.

I'm using version 2.57

Just tried it with 2.58: works

I updated to 2.58, it still doesn't work when I move Mp3tag window to the edge of the screen.

It does not work with mouse to the edge
It does work with keyboard shortcuts.

... just a shot in the dark ...
do you have configured your system for dual monitor operation?


I only have one monitor, Aero Snaps works in every program except Mp3tag.

This is my new PC, every thing in this case is new. I had the same problem on my old PC.

Hello again, I've found the problem and the solution.

Aero Snap for Mp3tag is not working when "Show window contents while dragging" is not enabled.

How to enable that:

  1. Go to My Computer and right click Properties
  2. Click Advanced system settings
  3. Click Settings under Performance
  4. (Visual Effects) Check the box named "Show window contents while dragging"

The reason I did not figure this out earlier because I uncheck/disable all Visual Effects.
Please fix this bug. Now that I've found the problem... please...

I've fixed this issue with the latest Development Build Mp3tag v2.87f.

Thanks for reporting!

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