After editing tags, changes don't appear in Properties/Details

Have just started using MP3Tag. Appears to be a great program, one I'll be glad to tip.

But edits I've just made don't appear in File Explorer >> right-click on song in Music folder >> Properties >> Details.

I've just edited 35 songs, and none of the changes took, at least not the first four I checked.

I hit the little blue floppy disk / Save icon in the upper left after each song edit. Changes do appear within MP3Tag, everything looks great.

But not in File Explorer. Nor, probably, in my MP3 player.

All help appreciated. Am sure I'm doing something simple wrong.

-- Steve

What kind of files are these?
What kind of tag versions do you read, write and delete?
Which tag versions are in the files?

You can enter the data for TITLE directly in the file list.
For data that is the same for all the selected files, use the tag panel and enter the data there.

Screendumps may help a lot, in this case from the extended tags dialogue from a single file (Alt.-T) and from the options for Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg

Thanks for trying to help, ohrenkino.

What kind of files? Ordinary MP3 tracks ripped from my CDs with Windows Media Player.

Sometimes the ripped files have all the right tag data. Usually they don't have the song title, just a number and "track."

I think the problem occurs when I try to combine two or three CDs into one folder for easy listening with my MP3 player (walking, gardening, etc). But that's just a guess and doesn't matter, as it's why we're using MP3tag, right?

The problem for me is that some Titles are Track 01, Track 02, etc. What I want to see, and what I tried to edit in MP3tag, is 01 Your Cheating Heart, 02 You Win Again, etc.

I've just tried selecting all the tracks in MP3tag that I'd edited, and hitting the Save icon. I saw a progress bar appear for a few seconds. Was sure that was the missing step, but no, no change in File Explorer.

I assume now that you want to get the filename to look different.
If you tag then you modify the embedded data. The filename stays the same.
But: Mp3tag can use the tag data to create a new filename.
If you put data in the fields TRACK and TITLE and you want to get a filename like

Then use Converter>Tag-Filename
Format string: $num(%track%,2) %title%

Good reminder, thanks. Actually, though, I changed the file name (in MP3tag) to match the Title.

My understanding is that my Sandisk MP3 player (Clip Sport, if it matters) doesn't organize songs by filename, but by Title. That's why I've started to use MP3tag.

But I can't get the titles to change. They look like this:

Thnak you.
And now a screendump from the extended tags dialogue of the same file (Alt-T).
And one of Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg

I'll try.

First, here's a screen shot of what I'm working on. All 35 files/titles have been saved.




Thank you again.
And the screenshot that shows "Track 8" as title is also from the file that has the filename "17 Hearts that break"?
Because, to be quite honest: looking at the screenshots I cannot see anything suspicious.

(on a side note: you can import the data for TRACK and TITLE with Converter>Filename-Tag and
Mask: %track% %title%
This would move the leading number to the field TRACK)

No, that was just a random file I used to get the "Track 8" screenshot.

"looking at the screenshots I cannot see anything suspicious" Ha! I can't either.

I've tried closing File Explorer and reopening it, hoping it would "refresh." No luck.

Am thinking of restarting the PC but fear losing all the changes made in MP3tag. Bit of work there.

Have to leave the house for a couple hours. Appreciate your help today.

I do not think that a restart would make a difference.
What I tried to see:
Are there APE tags in the files? No, if the dumped information is typical for the rest.
have the tags been filled -> yes.
But it would still be interesting to know which the original file was that you used to dump the file explorer properties.

I may have found the answer.

Expanding the Path column, I see I wasn't always editing the song I thought I was.

In the folder Tashians are four subfolders: the three albums and a fourth folder containing all their songs.

That's to let me listen without touching the MP3 player when an album ends.

Am now about to fix this, and will report back.

Yes, by telling MP3tag to look at the Tashians folder, I see many titles that were not edited, tracks with title names of Track 1, Track 2, etc.

Am going to fix this.

Stand by.

This problem is solved.

  1. Be sure to know what tracks you're editing. The same tracks might be on more than one folder. "Path" lets us know for sure.
  2. It's important, maybe critical, to use the same text for artist and album artist. (Though I may be wrong on this; am working off memory.)
  3. The Track 1, Track 2 problem seems to never occur when ripping one CD at a time, but almost always happens when combining more than one CD into a "favorites" folder. When doing this, we have to ensure our tags reflect the "artist favorites" folder consistently.

No, this is not true. Esp. if you have a compilation then the artist will most likely be different from the albumartist. The same applies if an artist performs with other artists on various tracks of an album.
Or to phrase it positively: The data in ALBUMARTIST and ARTIST may be different.

Thanks for clearing that up. I wasn't sure, was trying to cover all the bases.

(Ohrenkino, your open reel tape deck thumbnail brings back memories of the Revox A77 I had back in the '70s. Technology has come a long way since then.)