After loading no files are shown

I am a complete newbie to MP3tag. The application installed without any problems and reads the tags from the 10,000+ files in my music folder (mostly flac and wma format). However, no files are displayed in the window, so there is nothing to edit. Obviously I am missing something obvious but I cannot figure out what. Can anyone help? For information, my operating system is Windows Professional 64-bit.

Which "windows" are you talking about - the tag-panel that is placed at the left site per default or the main windows (list-view)?
If it is the tag-panel: You have to mark files that you want to edit in the list-view.

It is the main window window where I would expect the list of my music files (a mixture of FLAC and WMA formats) to appear. The software reads the tags of the 10,159 files in the specified folders but nothing appears on the display. I have since installed TagScanner and it is working fine, but I would prefer to get MP3tag working if I can as it seems to be more user-friendly. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. BK

This should not happen with a new installation but perhaps you have activated the filter.
If you don't see the filter-line, just press F3 and have a look.

Yes, there was some meaningless text in the filter. Removing it fixed the problem & all my music files now appear in the main window. As a matter of interest, what syntax rules apply to the filter? Can it be used to limit the list to just one type of file or exclude files of a particular type? BK

Press F1 and read the help on filters