After mp3 plays in Windows Media Player, tag info shows up

I have deleted the (1) album, (2) album artist, (3) track number, and (4) composer info in mp3tag and saved the file.

I play the file in Windows Media Player.

Now, the deleted info for the files that played in WMP shows up in mp3tag.

How do I stop this from happening?


So if I understand you correctly,

1st- You delete the Tags with Mp3tag from your Music File
2nd - You play the Music in WMP
3rd - When you open the Music File in Mp3tag, the tags (you deleted in step 1) are back in the Music File ? Correct ?

If so, WMP has it's own database, so the tags are stored in both the Music File and the WMP database. What you could try is

a- Delete the tags with WMP and see what happens
b- Delete the tags with Mp3tag and have WMP rescan your Library.

Check WMP settings in <Tools/Options/Library/Retrieve additional information from the internet>

This option should be unchecked.

Thank you, gentlemen!