After shift select multiple files the focus moves to the left side


Well as the title says when i select multiple files in Mp3Tag list ( checking one raw and then holding shift button down to select the second one ) and my view of the list is somewhere on the right end of the columns ( which are some ) then selecting the files changes the view and scrolls all the way to the left side of the list.

This is annoying to me because i use a column with folder information which is on the right sight of the list and i must always navigate again and again to this column after editing.

Is there a way to solve it?
Is this the default action of Mp3tag?
Is there something wrong with my setup?

Thank you in advance.


To be honest: i have noticed the shift also - but the way you describe it, it is not reproduceable for me.

I tried it with the following lists:

  • fewer items than window holds (no vertical scrollbar)
  • more item than window height (vertical scroll bar)
  • filtered lists as before
  • selected one to many with a rectangle, added more while holding shift
  • first selected file not within window, second several pages down
  • selected a range, then several others with CTRL

and no jump would occur.
This does not mean that there is none - I am sure that I have seen it - but it would be nice if you could describe a reproduceable way.


It's probably the same as described here:


My problem occurs with a horizontal scrollbar visible. I have many columns!


It's not exactly the same. My problem occurs with shift click multiple rows selection.


Sorry, if that has not become clear: I also used that many columns that a horizontal scrollbar appeared.
And also, I selected several files using the shift-click-function.
Yet, the displayed area of the files list did not jump back to the first column.
I tried some more ways to select several files which I described in my first reply.
Still no jump to the first column.
And as I apparently could not reproduce it the way you described it, I asked for a way to see it every time.


OK. So i suppose it's my own problem.


I do not think so.
I just clicked and clicked - and all of a sudden, the display jumped to the first column.
But then it was not reproduceable again.

So I suspect that some background process seizes the focus for a very short time and hands it back to MP3tag and MP3tag rebuilds the files list afterwards.
Yet, it cannot be provoked by manually moving the focus to another window or application and back again.
So this is just wild guessing.
What I would like you to do: keep an open eye and see if there is some kind of pattern for this behaviour.


Yes you are right. I turned off some programs running in the taskbar ( like volumouse ) and the problem switched down to 80% - 90% from 100%, but now i have problem with ctrl - click also.

I'll have an eye on it thank you!


Yes, Florian, you are right: my action was the same, on a selected files, using shift+select. (Purpose: to copy fields from one song to another.)


I have the same unreproducable phenomenon when I change the filter-expression.


Well i did something else.
I formatted my disk.
Installed a fresh copy of windows 7 32bit (my previous installation was 64bit)
Touched nothing.
Installed Mp3Tag v2.91. (only this)
Touched nothing.
Opened a folder containing an album with files.
The same thing is happening.
I even installed Mp3Tag v2.41 with no luck.
I tried different combinations with shift click control click Tag panel on or off toolbar on or off auto select on or off ... but didn't accomplish anything.
The only thing that i noticed is that it doesn't happen in the same frequency.
But it happens in a frequency of 80% - 90%.