after tagging problem


Hi, :frowning:

I had troubles when using mp3tag to rename the filenames of an album, it said the route was invalid or something like that on some of the songs, but the others were renamed properly. I renamed the ones that couldn't be renamed by myself and this happened: I can't even rename them anymore, 0 bytes on properties is displayed, and that's the only thing displayed.. nothing more :S (properties are seen only when I go into the File tab menu), but when I move the mouse pointer over them they say the correct size and lenght time. I tried renaming them again with mp3tag but won't work either, now suggests to desactivate the read-only setting, I click ok but it can't do such thing. these files look like they got corrupted in some unclear way.. I can't delete them either.. and it's not because a program is using it.. nothing just happens. I'm sure it's something related with mp3tag cause this happened to me before when renaming another album. if something can be done to fix the files, I would appreciate your help. Thank you.