After upgrading to v2.89a no tags are written after closing and reopening MP3tag (Wndows 10, 64-bits)

Hello, after upgrading to version 2.89a a few weeks ago tags will not be written from the 'Tag panel' (Dutch 'Invoervelden') any more.
This goes as well for editing a single file as for editing multiple files. After saving nothing is saved!

In the file window (the right pane with the columns, I don't know the Dutch name) I can write tags as usual in the fields per field and per file.

After deinstalling MP3tag (fully including the configuration-files) rebooting my PC and reinstalling MP3tag (and rebooting my PC again) The editing in the 'Tag panel' for single and multiple files works as expected until I close MP3tag and the next time I run it it doesn't work any more.

I'm switching back to the previous version of MP3tag v2.89. Although a bit buggy (with the 'Duplicate standard fields' elsewhere on the forum reported) it does at least write multiple tags from the 'Tag panel' :wink:

PS. in old versions - long before this one - the Save-button greyed out after saving or no changes made. I happen to find that a handy feature.

Could it be that if you tick
Tools>Options>Tags>Save when navigating
you are back to the old behaviour?

Then there is always the possibility that you read and write different tag versions.
Check Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg
and check that you do not write APE tags.

Thanks for suggesting Ohrenkino,
like I mentioned I downgraded to version 2.88a (I thought v2.89 when I wrote the report). That one did work fine but suddenly it does not any more, It has the same flaw like version 2.89a not writing tags after a reboot. Maybe it is some (stupid) Windows 10 update?
Microsoft is keen in updating security stuff and not telling you about it...

PS. Do you mean the setting: Tools > Options > Tags > "Save tags when using arrow keys/single mouse click"?
That one is off at the moment (and not the problem). MP3tag does not write tags when saving them.

As I can save tags with 2.89a I do not think that this is a general problem.
And as it sounds as though you overwrote your old settings, it could be that you write data to tags that you do not read, e.g. you write APE tags but you do not read them.
That is why I asked you what the settings in

I have no problems like this with the USA version of 2.89a.

You mentioned that you reinstalled the configuration (zip?) file. Did you check to make sure you put it in the correct Roaming folder for mp3tag?

Dennis, aka "d2b"

Ha Ohrenkino and Dennis d2b,

As I did not have trouble with the previous version (v2.88a) of MP3tag I downgraded to it completely even removing the settings - no restore - so I had a clean installation of the old version. Now in:

  • Tools > Options > Tags > Mpeg
    I unchecked the APE tag in the Read section (indeed it was on), writing is off by default and everything is on in the Remove section by default so I kept that.
    I also checked the 'ID3v2 only if ID3v1 too small' for better performance (smaller files) I guess.
    Note: For a test I just removed all the files (settings) in %AppData%\MP3tag and now reading the APE-tag is off by default. Maybe something went wrong during deinstallation?
  • Tools > Options > Tags > Ape, Mpc ...
    In the Read section everything is on by default also after removing all the settings files.
    In the Write section ID3v1 is off and Ape is on by default.
    In the Remove section everything is on by default.
    I left this part unchanged.

Now everything works fine!
Which made me thinking, what has been changed on my computer lately? Besides from Windows-updates I got me an iPhone - I used to have Android - and since that one is working with iTunes it asked me to make an inventory of my music files. Could that be the problem? iTunes writing Ape-tags? I don't know...

Well, it is working like a charm again so thanks a lot for supporting me.