After using mp3tag I can't safely remove external hard disk

After editing songs with mp3tag, when I try to safely remove the external hd where the songs are stored, windows sends an error message: "it is not allowed to remove the drive because some process is running" (translated from Italian).
This happens even if I close all the programs and task manager says that no program is running. During my session the only program that I use is mp3tag.
On the other side, everything works fine when I run other programs during my session.
P.S.. please don't tell that it doesn't matter and that I can simply unplug the drive without safe removal, I have already thrown in the bin one hard disk because it had become unusable.

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How do you know it is MP3tag?
Your virus scanner, an indexing program or the explorer could be accessing the external drive.
And if it is true that no other program accesses the drive and no further handle points to the drives esp. none with anything resembling MP3tag I wonder why you blame MP3tag.
I usually can safely eject external drives after editing files on that drive with MP3tag, so you have to look at your local environment and investigate there.

I had this problem a year or so ago. An external drive I only occassionally use never would let me remove it, even though I knew nothing was active. I got around it by shutting down my laptop, and then removing it.

Oddly, after a few months, the problem stopped. I never was able to figure out what the culprit was (and I'm pretty good at digging into problems like this).

To be clear, it was NOT Mp3tag, totally unrelated. I just wanted to share the nuclear-option solution I used. Good luck!

try something:

  • run taskmanager
  • kill explorer process (don't worry, desktop will be killed)
  • start explorer process (file -> new task -> explorer) if it don't restart it self

Now removeable?

You can Use "Windows Process Explorer" to identify process that is locking a specific file and so on.

I know because this happens on both my computers. And it happens ONLY in sessions where I start the pc, edit my files in mp3tag and shut it down. Otherwise everything works fine.

And do you open a player in between to check?
Does the antivirus program become interested?
Is the Windows indexer checking the files?

Anyway: did you check the access to the files with a process explorer? This would be the only reliable source.
And I think you read the other responses: it is not very likely that MP3tag is the baddy.

no one know was windows really do.
Try to identify process by using windows process explorer instead of guess.

@Ohrenkino: I don't know if mp3tag is evil sometimes too - but what I know is that windows is definitely evil :japanese_ogre: