*.AIF "How do you want to open this file" - problem

Hi everyone!

Spotted some problem with *.AIF files. When i want to open the file in order to listen it (by double clicking it) a window with the message "How do you want to open this file" will pop-out.
I selected the program i usually open audio files (MediaMonkey) and checked the option "Always use this app to open .aif files" but it appears everytime despide what i do. it happens only to *.aif, *.aiff works fine.
I use dBpoweramp to convert to AIF format but i don't have the option, inside the app, to change the extension to ".aiff". it automatically set the extension to ".aif"

Can anyone help me with this ?
Have a good day! :slight_smile:

Which program have you set in Tools>Options>Tools
to be be executed when you double-click?
Perhaps that is the problem.
Or: what happens, if you use the file-list context menu>Play. Does this open the correct program?

Thanks for reply!!

I have the same results using the file-list context menu>Play.
I didn't set anything in Tools>Options>Tools.
Under "Default Tool", if i check "Use special program at double click" i can't choose a program from the dropping list. The only thing in the dropping list is the "No action" option.

You would have to create a "tool" entry first to start one with a double-click.
The entry for a tool has to feature the command line parameters to start the program.

Here is a thread that deals with command line for mediamonkey:

i've figured it out. Thank you!!
Have a great day!