AIFF tag support

I love MP3Tag, it has been an amazing tool for me. I was wondering if there were any plans to add AIFF support in the near future?

I found a thread from 2011 referring back to one from 2009:
Will Mp3 tag ever support AIFF?

The basic statement there: I wouldn't hold my breath.

Thanks for digging that up. AIFF seems to be just starting to gain ground for DJs these days now that Beatport sells them. Understood that it is not that common.

From what I have read and experienced in the past, WAV does not have space for Metadata. I know that I have never been able to store anything on them. However AIFF does have space for Metadata. I don't know much about programming but I would love to help and contribute to the feature if needed.

Either way, still an awesome tool.

Perhaps you can address beatport and tell them that there are a number of formats that are just as good for the audio but better for the tagging and why they don't sell in that format. I mean, if there is money to be made, they should easily be convinced.

Got it, not an option

Personally I like AIFF and it is supported by all the other big players in the DJ world. FLAC is not as widely adopted. I was just hoping to be part of a solution for MP3Tag.

Thanks for the responses, still love MP3Tag. Hope there will be interest some day :slight_smile:

You might be interested to know that ever since V2.78 AIFF is supported by Mp3tag: