Album art attached but not showing up

This is kinda irking me, haha.

I've been on vacation for the past couple weeks and took some time to organizing my music. I used MP3Tag to add album art to all the MP3 files.

Just yesterday, I was editing a certain album. Like usual, I highlighted all the files and drag+dropped a JPG file into the slot for album art. It saved and MP3 Tag shows all of the files with an image file.

However, NONE of these images show up in the music folder in Windows Explorer ie. it still shows the default MP3 file icon.

Here's an image to illustrate:

Thanks in advance for any advice. =)

doesn't WMP still rely on the good ole folder.jpg / albumartsmall.jpg mechanism?
Check if these files are in the album folders and if not, export them with MP3tag's action.

Also, you could use Albumartfix to check, if WMP recognizes the albumart.

I'm having the same problem.

I've attached / embedded album art, but it doesn't show up for certain albums when played in WMP.

95% of my albums have no problems, whether they were digital to start, or ripped from a disc. But on the rare occassion, the album art doesn't display in WMP.

I have attached both 200 x 200 and 500 x 500 artwork without any change. Additionally, I have a folder.jpg file in the album folder and WMP STILL wont display the art.

Any suggestions? Its extremely frustrating to have these last few tracks that just wont display the art.

As far as I see from your screendump the albumart has been detected somehow as it is shown in the top right corner in the playlist - why the Album art visualisation does not work - don't ask me.

But to get all certain: check your library if all tracks really contain the album art. this is best done with the albumartfixer (freeware)
and let it run over your library. it will tell you if it finds any trouble.
THen: your track seems to be rather short: 50 seconds are already half of it. So sometimes WMP does take its time to update the internals and does not properly read all the metadata...

On the other hand: sometimes WMP gets a hickup if albumart is not in the jpg format - so could you check which kind of graphic format your files have for albumart? You can do that by showing an extra column %_cover_mimetype% - if this shows something like png or gif you have to delete these and replace them with a jpg (the easiest way is to save the coverart as folder.jpg and then reload it).