Album art bigger in MP3tag

Is there a way to make the field where the album art is shown in mp3tag bigger.
There is so much space on the screen but i cannot read the text on albumart. It would be good if i can make that box bigger somehow.
I dont want to resample the albumart, but i want to have a bigger display window (variable according first colum size or at least double size if variable size is not possible)

AFAIK the area in the tag panel resizes if you give the tag panel more horizontal space.
You can also see the embedded picture in its full beauty if you double-click the display in the tag panel.

See also the history of changes:
[2021-10-15] NEW: added cover preview via double click on the cover on the Tag Panel. (#14839, #18769, #44340, #45362, #50462, #53985)

Thanx for the quick response, that i did not think about that in the first place, bit stupid question i guess

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