album art doesn't display

HI all:
I'm an avid user of this software, and have been completely satisfied with it's performance over the years.
That is, until recently, Let me explain a little. I have a MASSIVE music collection, and have been using Mp3tag for quite some time to sort and tag my music.
Anyway i needed to move all my music to a new hard drive, and once i did, the problems started. when i want to embed album art in my files now, when i hit the save button, some of the files show the art and some don't. Also i loose whole lines of tags from the album (although if i refresh the album tags window they reappear). but i need to refresh the window and save it all again in order for the art to show on my files.


i really like your software. and want to continue using it.
Can someone please help out here.

Also, some info: all my music files are mp3 @ 320 and all my cover art files are jpeg @ 500x500.

Thank in advance Pinkster

I have this issue, too, with an external hard drive, connected via USB3 while the Windows Media Player is open at the same time.
WMP blocks the file access by extensive data traffic.
The only remedy is to close WMP while tagging.

So, if i close WMP while I'm using Mp3tag, then i wont have that issue any more???

WOW!!!! I just tried it, and it worked. I guess i never had that problem before; either because my files were stored on my internal hard drive? Or, because, i was using WMC to play my music, while i was editing?

Thank you for the advice, I only wish that they could work it out so that it would work even when the player is on, Because i like to listen to music while I'm working.
Again, Thank You

That is what I observed by trial and error.
As this happens only on one PC (it's a Dell) but not on others, I see the hardware combination as root cause. It could well be that your problem arises from something else. Try it.

Edit: Oh, yes - there is always the possibility the you actually do not have embedded albumart.
You can find these files with the filter
%_covers% IS ""