Album Art -Download .jpg from internet source?

I'm a new user and I like so far what MP3Tag can do.

I have one small problem, Does MP3Tag have the ability to go out to internet and find / Download Album cover?

I can't seem to find anything on this.. If I have a list of songs in a folder with the name of the Album

I tried Tag Soruces and clicked through those.. says it can't find anything..

The Album is called "View From The Ground and You Can Do Magic" by Group Called AMERICA

Im just wondering if MP3Tag has that ability, to get Album cover.jpg from internet sources?

Yes it has and I do find several offers at amazon with the album "View From The Ground Magic".

So check the spelling, avoid special characters like / in the album name.

And take care that mp3tag is not blocked by your firewall (you can check that with the function "Check for updates": if that does not result in a dialogue box that something or nothing has been found then mp3tag is blocked)

AMERICA never released an album with that title.
In 1982 they released the album "View from the ground". On this album is a song with the name "You can do magic".