Album Art (Downloading & Embedding)


As I don't want to mess up my whole mp3-library and as I didn't find an exact answer after intense research work for two hours in this forum I dare to ask my question:

My library structure is as follows:

  • Albums: X:\albums\artist\album[CD 1 or 2]\artist [- track] - title.mp3
  • Samplers: X:\various\album[CD 1 or 2]\artist - track - title.mp3
  • single tracks: X:\a-z\character\artist - title.mp3

Now I am looking for a simple way to completely automatically:

  • find the appropriate cover art online / internet (discogs, amazon...)
  • embed the cover art in each track, at least each album (folder.jpg e.g.)

...and all that with no user action needed (automatically!), which means I may mark ~ 1000 song-files (mp3-files) and the script/ batch automatically recognises the correct cover art according to the album-directory (and mp3-id3-tag) and ads trackwise the correct cover art to each track - at least one cover art for an album if trackwise is for certain reasons not possible - in addition when there is no album belonging to a song/ track it should ad/ embed the cover art to the song-file (mp3-file id3-tag)

That means reading the ID3-Tag from the mp3-file [+album name from directory if full album exists] is enough for veryfiying, downloading and adding/ embedding/ saving the reatined information to the corresponding song/ track (mp3-file).

As I am a lawyer and an algorithm is rather something relating to music than to IT-matters I would appreciate an easy program / Batch/ Script to do the job for me or at least a step-by-step explanation for mp3tag....

Is my request impudent or is there a solution for my request?

Thanx in advance. :sunglasses: