Album Art Embedded Incorrectly

Hi, I've been using mp3tag for a long time to manage my music library.

Lately I've noticed many of the embedded covers on my tags are missing...but only on some players.

I just tagged R.E.M. album reveal with the folder.jpg cover I attached. Itunes sees the cover but WMP does not, foobar shows the cover, AIMP3 does not, I retagged it with AIMP3's tagger and now every player can see the cover..

Tagging with AIMP3 is not a solution anyway since it can't do batches... Help please

Even the windows file thumbs... when embedded with MP3tag the thumb won't show but if I tag with something else thumb is fine. I just repeated the exercise 3 times with the same files, foobar will show the pics on both as front cover MP3tag shows the pics correctly but WMP, AIMP3 and windows thumbs don't show the covers... WMC doesn't show them either..

Guess I could attach one song for testing? or will I be banned?

Do you have the file folder.jpg in the album folder?
What kind of tag version do you use? V2.4? That won't be understood by Windows.
What kind of files are you referring to? MP3s only?
What kind fo tags do you store in the files? V2.3 or also APE?

And BTW: if only Microsoft's programs don't show the cover correctly, doesn't this point to a WIndows problem so that it is rather doubtful that the album art is embedded incorrectly esp. as other programs show it?

Yes, 2.4 tags... I kind of figured out I had deleted all my V1 tags... I didn't know, I'm reworking through my library now and I'll post back, thanks!