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Request for a script for Album Art Exchange. They have extremely high quality covers, because as their info page says, they are "extremely obsessive about such thing."

Anyway, I failed horribly at modifying an existing script, likely due to the fact that I have no clue how to actually modify a script! If one of you volunteers could be so kind, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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I too have used this source for album covers. It does not have as many as Amazon or Apple, but the quality of the work is fantastic. Most of this is curated by individual contributors from either there own scans, or at least well edited versions from hi-res online versions. Standards for sizes are 600x600, 1000x1000, and 1500x1500. There may be others but these are the three expected to get posted.

I can't really offer much from a coding perspective for mp3tag, but if it is possible to access their covers they are definitely worth a look. It does typically require to be a (free) registered member to get access, but if so perhaps there is a partnership opportunity for mp3tag members? The site is still very active.

My question, do we need a huge album art in an Mp3, does this make the mp3 size big?
i personally listen to music in my phone or in small players, so the art is nice, but it don't have to be huge.
but for completists i say its nice to have huge images.

Edit: also this site is not working for me.

Maybe not for mp3 due to size. But for anything lossless FLAC, ALAC, DSD, etc. large album art is far more attractive and less impactful on overall file size. And this would still be a choice based on your preferences. At 600x600, this is already the Apple standard even for lossy m4a files.

There are websource-scripts here for iTunes and Deezer who offer you larger covers.
And there is AlbumArtDownloader, who gives you a selection of covers from a lot of different sources and you can integrate it in Mp3Tag in the tools-menue.