Album art for 1 track


I try to get Abum art from Amazon etc. but I don't have full albums.
I don't keep my music sorted by albums but more by genre/period whatever album they were on.
I like to have cover art each for single track but I don't if this is possible with MP3Tag?
I know I can include the cover in de IDv2 or APE tag but is there also a waysto link to an external .jpg file on de HD instead of including it cover in the mp3 file?
I tried the Freedb function but it seems to work only on complete albums; my track titles getting messed up with other tracks from the same album.


The freedb database is a text only provider, there is no graphical contents.
Try other catalogues like or discogs or or use some serach/find-machine manually.
Use the pretty made 'web sources framework' scripts, that come along with Mp3tag, supported by other users, they work very well, and they are adjustable by yourself for your own needs, if you like to learn how they are composed.

Be creative and use the abilities of the internet for finding what you want.
Even use Mp3tag as an adventure place and try to find out what is possible and what not.

For instance, tagging one mp3file with some jpgfile from your harddisk is as easy as you can think of. See ALT-T Extended Tags dialog, Cover section. There is a clickbutton 'add cover' to open a standard system file dialog. Use it to get your jpgfile tagged into the selected mp3file.