Album art in FLAC files

Hi all,

I was recently given a Sandisk Sansa Fuse+ player and I wonder if anyone else have this player and having a hard time getting the album art to show in FLAC files on the player.

I also have the Squeezebox Touch player that shows the art in FLAC files just fine. I use MP3Tag version 2.49b to embed the art but the Sansa Fuse+ refuses to show the art and the Squeezebox Touch shows them fine! It's just strange! Could it be a Sansa Fuse+ software problem?

Perhaps the Sansa relies on the folder.jpg mechanism ... I doubt that these files get synchronized.
So check if you have folder.jpg files in your album folders. If not, use mp3tag and an action to export the cover art. If you have access to the folders on the Sansa then you can do it there.

I have tried with naming the art image folder.jpg and with a capital "F" but it still refuses to show the art. I will try to export the art and save it directly to the microSD card which I use with the Fuse+. Thanks for Your reply and suggestion :slight_smile:=) I will report back if it solved the problem!