Album art in thumnail view


Mp3tag is so wonderfully easy to add picture to a song or an album. I just drag&drop the picture to the box and save.
However, when I browse my music folders on my PC using Miniature/Thumbnail View (or how it is called in English), the folders with song I have processed in Mp3tag (to add album art to the songs) don't show anything.

I would like to see my folders like in this picture:

instead I just see yellow folders.

Is there another way to add album art to the songs so that my collection would appear like in the picture i.e. without having to add "folder.jpg" picture to every folder?

It would help me to synchronize my PC with my mobile more easily, freeing the mobile picture gallery of all those "folder.jpgs".

Thanks for help.

Unfortunately you do not tell anything about your OS and the synchronizing program.
E.g. if you use Microsofts Synctoy you can specify which filetype should be ignored for the sync run.
All the other specialities are features of the underlying OS and have nothing to do with MP3tag although MP3tag will certainly be of help to meet these requirements.

I don't think it has to do with either OS or synchronizing program.
I use several Windows (e.g.W7 and XP) and the behaviour is the same.
The "problem" appears before synchronizing, so the way of synchonizing is not making any difference. The same whether I use a tool or just drag&drop to a new directory.

Let's say I have a folder and process it in Mp3tag to add album art to each song and then immediately go to view the folder's icon in Explorer (no synchronizing yet), I just see an "empty" folder icon, i.e. without the album art inside the folder icon.

I have other albums and the folder icons show the album art, there are no folder.jpgs in these folders, just the songs. Propably processed by someone else using different software. So I can see some folders like in the picture I've send in my first post, but not those I processed in Mp3tag.

I also tried to use various sizes of pictures for album art, no difference (100x100 - 500x500).

I use the miniature view for all my files, e.g. for pdf, doc, jpgs etc. so I am looking for a software that will enable me this feature with songs as well.
Thank you.

Make sure you click save ( :mt_save: ) after adding album art.
Make sure you can see the art in the Extended Tags dialogue. ( :mt_tag: )

In Windows, go to Control Panel > Folder Options > View tab
Uncheck "Always show icons, never thumbnails"
The display should change when you click "Apply".
If the view is "Small icons", the thumbnail is never displayed, even if it exists.

The display may not match the folder view in your picture, but the file view should be very similar.

It seems unlikely that this will affect how album art is displayed on a mobile device.