Album Art Issue

Hi, guys I am new to MP3Tag and have skunk on countless attempts to get this image embedded into this compilation of beats I created for a promotional project I have to launch first week of July and just can't seem to do ill post a picture of what it is doing.

I uploaded a small file of the picture, but for asome reason when I try to make it an album art it only goes to the top left corner and at a smaller resolution.

If anyone could help me out i'd appreciate it much!

To me it looks as though the picture is corrupt.
(And it is a rather large picture).
Load the picture into a graphics viewer to check.

Thats the issue, I recreated it in Photoshop 7. And no matter how many versions I create hoping it will fix it, it doesn't. How do you know when something corrupt?

If you have problems handling Photoshop, please turn to the appropriate help sources for that program.
What about opening the same picture (just for a test) in PAINT?
What does the preview look like in Explorer?

OK, so I think I may have figured it out, my last format was Jpeg. I switched to PNG. and I think I got it!

As JPG is just as valid as PNG I still think it was a problem in the original graphics file.