Album art issues

Please help I am downloading album covers to my sons mp3 player the art appears on the folder but not on the artist list. If the artist has only one album it will appear in the folder and under the artist.
Hope this makes sense and any advice would be appreciated.

In this situation you have many points to check, for example:
a) What is Mp3tag showing?
b) What can your sons mp3 player display?
c) How does your player handle the different variations 1 Album or multiple albums

If you want to have the cover art as separate picture, you have to try it on your self and your sons player. We can't help much for this part.
(We don't even know what kind of player you own...)

If you want to try how Mp3tag can help you:
Embed a cover in one of this albums:

  1. Load this album into Mp3tag
  2. Select all songs
  3. Drag & Drop the cover in the lower left cover section in Mp3tag
  4. Save the changes
  5. Transfer this album to your sons player and check what it shows

Are the pictures really embedded?
A filter with
%_covers% MISSING
should not show any files (after you have loaded all the files that should be transferred).

Thanks Ohrenkino
They show up when I click on the file.I am not sure if I should be loading them on the sd card which I have. How do I check if it is embedded?.

Many thanks for your advice I will give it a try I am doing something wrong.

I thought I had alreday mentioned it

I think you are correct when I find the image using discogs it shows the image on the list of songs I press export on mp3 tag I think it is sending the image to the mp3 but when I look at the file and open it with windows media player their is no image so I am not sending the image to the file. Any ideas.

WIndows is a particularly bad test environment as Windows likes to use external pictures, the contents of an existing thumbs.db file and so on.

The only reliable method is the filter I mentioned.

In MP3tag you can set where a picture should be stored - have a look at the search results dialogue when you use a web source script and then click on the "Utils" button at the bottom.


If you want to embed a cover picture into your file(s), don't forget to set the checkbox under the cover art in the WebSource Script result window: