Album Art Problem with WMP


does anyone experiences problems with embedding Album Art into MP3's ? I used MP3Tag 2.39f and everything was fine. I could drag&drop .jpg files to the AlbumArt section and Windows Media Player 11 as well as the new Zune v2 Software would display them correctly. Now in version 2.39j, the Album Art is displayed in MP3Tag, but not in WMP11 or the new Zune v2 Software.

I tried different .JPG's for different albums, but it's showing just a blank square in WMP11 and Zune v2 Software, as if the Album Art wouldn't be there !!

I don't have the 2.39f version anymore, so I am stuck right now.

Does anyone know what might be the problem ?

Thanks for the help.


Can you please provide detailed step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the problem (including URL of the cover if you drag'n'drop it from your browser, OS version, and browser version)?

Please also make sure that you're using ID3v2.3 tags as ID3v2.4 tags are not supported by WMP 11. You can verify your settings at Options > Tags > Mpeg.

Thank you for your reply and help. I am using .jpg's stored on my HDD, but the problem was the ID3v2.4 !! After I've set it to ID3v2.3 all the AlbumArt showed up again !!!

Thanks for your help !!!

PS: One more little question I have : Is it possible with MP3Tag 2.39j to copy one Field to another one ?

Let's say I have 100 songs and would like the "Title" of a song also appear in the field "Album" ?

Merry X-mas !!!


Glad that it works now.

Sure. Just use an action

Action type: Format value
Field: ALBUM
Formatstring: %title%

This will copy the title to the album field. If you want to append it, use %album% - %title% as format string.

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Again, THANKS !!!!! Great, it works like a charm. Now, is there a possibility for you to make like an shortcut........I mean instead of going through the "Action Menu and Configuration ", would it be possible that if someone would enter into the "Album" field a string value like %%%title%%% that the title automatically get's copied into the Album field ???

Just an idea !

Greetings from sunny but not too warm Arizona !!!