Album art problem


I looked around for a topic for this specific problem, but didn't find any.
So here's the problem:

I recently selected all my mp3's in iTunes and updated their tags to v2.4 (so i could import the art in the tag itself), after this i began searching the album art for each album (i know, i didn't know of this handy program until this day!).

So a day or two later i finished updating all my albums with their proper art (through iTunes).
The problem is now that only a very small portion of these covers are visible in mp3Tag (i also made a new column as specified in another thread) so my question is why this happens? I mean, i'm thinking iTunes saved all the art in the tags properly, why can mp3Tag read it?

Please help :unsure:

Thanks in advance.


Sorry but v2.4 is not a good idea for iTunes. The v2.4 support in iTunes has flaws that can lead to such results as yours.

Use v2.3 and everything should be ok in both programs (v2.3 also supports cover art).


ok, i'll start the proces now (3500 songs)
but the strange thing is that iTunes displays all my art correctly
i hope to god this solves my problem!


Thanks a million, it worked!