Album art question


(Am new mp3tag user) Album art showing in "My Music" folder and WMP Libraries never shows in mp3tag (even when I select all files in an album). I search/copy/paste and select/crop/insert and save. Album art/tags look good in mp3tag but do not always translate to "my music" or WMP.

Why does the current album art not show? After saving in mp3tag, newly created album art does not show up anywhere except "My Music Library". Even some track info remains unedited there. What gives?

Cowon S9 player arrives later in week, and was hoping to edit my music in preparation for syncing with corrected tags and album art.

Check, if the tags in your files are not MP3 tags but APE tags.
If so, delete the APEs (check the options for MPEG in MP3TAG: read APE, delete APE but do not write APE. Then select the tracks, open the context menu, cut the tags and paste them immediately afterwards).
Then: WMP likes the file folder.jpg to be present (only the latest in WIndows 7 looks at the embedded album art).
If you find that the tracks have embedded album art, it is very easy to save the embedded album art to a file as there is an action for it.

But if this will lead to a successful result in your Cowon S9 player ...? What if that player only likes V1-tags (instead of the V2.3-tags which include album art)?